June Edit

Yikes. It's Summer y'all.

I've rekindled my love for linen dresses. Rekindled something fierce. I've fallen back into my neutral habit, and addiction to black dresses. It is what it is, and I'm happy and comfortable with it. I need these pieces. They're all great basics with a few trendy details, and I honestly think they'd work for everyone.

Are they great for hot June weather? Maybe not all the time, but some people live in places that are cool right now, and some are like me; outside at sunrise and sunset, and inside in the air conditioning through the day. They'll work if you live like that!

See anything you like?


  1. But a LBD goes a long way though! Hahah even though I'm not in a neutral mood atm, I do appreciate the neutral life. Always good with some basics! Xx


  2. When your June is too cold for your coat %)

  3. I am in love with black too


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