Photo an Hour - June 21, 2017

11 AM
I made garland awhile back. I can't remember if I ever shared a photo of it.

12 PM
Freshly mowed grass is wonderful.

1 PM
I bought a Christmas ornament yesterday. It's June. I have a problem.

2 PM
Garbage mirror selfie of the year.

3 PM
Another antique find, gifted to me. It's German, and it's related to a gift someone's getting. They won't see this, but I shouldn't say more.

4 PM

5 PM
It's Summer Solstice time. Here's some jasmine.

6 PM
It's been one of those days. This was my work space.

7 PM
I finally got around to pouring out old bud vase water.

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile (over a year actually), and I don't even know why. This was so much fun! I honestly think this round is the best that I've done yet. I'll have to do this again soon, preferably before another year passes.


  1. Lovely photos as always Amber and such a fun idea for a post! Haha my workspace is in the bed too atm, no reason more than being completely lazy haha. Have a lovely weekend!! Xx

    1. You should try this out for your next personal post! A bed is such a good work space though. Thanks Mia!

  2. I love this idea! These are great


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