This Sponge Is My New Go-to

My skin has been horrible lately. I've been breaking out the last few months more than I have in the last few years. Of course, I've been trying to keep my face routine to natural and gentle products as much as possible, so I wasn't sure where to go with mixing things up. 

Enter the Dew Puff sponge. You guys. I'm in love.

The Dew Puff sponge is a pure konjac plant fiber sponge meant for gentle, daily skin care. I can vouch for both of those things. I've been using it daily for two weeks now, and it's been wonderful for my skin. I feel like my face is thoroughly cleansed, but it's not as harsh as a wash cloth may be. If you've got sensitive skin like me, that's a pretty big deal.

I've used the sponge both with and without a small dab of face cleanser, though all you really need to do is add water to the sponge, and the results both ways are enough to convince me that this is a sponge for me.

The Dew Puff is completely natural and biodegradable, so it fits in with my other products seamlessly. It's pH balanced, absorbs impurities, and promotes circulation.

The dark gray sponge above is the bamboo charcoal sponge. Most of us know by now that charcoal is great for removing toxins and other nasty things from our bodies. This sponge is great for blemished skin, which I've definitely got. I actually can tell a difference in my breakouts, and they're not near as extreme now. I'm currently PMSing, so my hormones always make my face break out like crazy right now. I can honestly say that my face isn't as bad as it usually would be this time of month. 

The white sponge above is the original version. It's safe for any skin type, even sensitive, and it offers the purest clean. You can't really go wrong with the original.

These sponges are only $8 apiece, and they last for up to three months. When the sponge can no longer be used on your face, it can be re-purposed as a sponge for household use. Why not? Personally, I think that's a bargain, and you can bet that I'll be using the sponges from here on out.

*I have not been paid to write any of this.


  1. what, I've never heard of this?! Sounds so good though and lovely that you've seen a result. The dark gray one sounds so much fun with the bamboo charcoal haha?! Lovely! Have a lovely week Amber, Xx

    1. It's SO good! I hope you try it Mia!


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