Trying the Robe Trend

I've been seeing the robe trend floating around my various feeds lately, so naturally, I had to jump on board in my own way. These trousers unintentionally added to the pajama look. I was honestly skeptical, but I think this works. Why not?

Would you try this trend? 


  1. Yes most definitely! It's so comfy ;) xx


  2. It really works, and it makes me really happy you gave the trend a try. It looks good on you and the way you paired it with the striped trousers, makes the outfit look a super casual and chic. Might have to buy one as well, hehe. Have a lovely day! xx


  3. I'm glad you gave the trend a go Amber - loving how both activewear and nightwear are being brought into trends on a daily-wear basis now!


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