A Small Impromptu Ramble About My Weekend

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've felt the new moon well and truly, and I feel incredibly refreshed. The Summer storm last night surely helped to banish the old, negative energy I've been hoarding on my shoulders. Thankfully.

I was out of town most of the weekend for my sweet niece's first birthday party. It was lovely, and her home has the dreamiest morning and evening view. She's grown into a happy, smiling, animal loving kid, and it's amazing. I can gush about my niece forever.

I took so many nice family photos, though I won't be sharing them here. Some things aren't for the internet. Some things are to keep for looking back on in ten years and smiling. For some reason, I only have photos of her mother from the back? So that's why it's only her. Whoops. I'm pretty sure the one is accidental, and the first photo is purely for the kitten. In case you see this M. Leave me alone. Also, I have blackmail photos, so leave me alone. (I kid.)

How was your weekend? Let's chat.


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