DIY Summer Gift Wrap

As I mentioned yesterday, my niece's birthday party was over the weekend. I managed to plan ahead and make sure I had the gifts purchased early enough before the weekend, but I suddenly remembered that I didn't bother looking for any kind of gift wrap supplies. 

That's me y'all.

So instead, I took advantage of supplies I already had in my arsenal, and I think the end result was pretty lovely. I was proud of myself. The gift wrap was complimented. This entire post is me patting myself on the back, but also hopefully giving you an idea or two.

The first thing I did was wrap both packages in basic, brown butcher paper. I got it at a hardware store a few years ago, admittedly for the sole purpose of wrapping gifts, though I forgot I had it apparently (thanks Mom). I had to use packing tape instead of regular tape, because the paper is thicker than the average wrapping paper, but it's fine. It works just fine.

After that, I took the packages outside to prevent a horrible mess in the house. I used three different paint colors that I thought would go with a unicorn theme (ish), and splattered them with a paintbrush. Again, this was really messy, and I had paint all over my grass and hands, but it's fine, I swear. Acrylic paint washes and rubs right off. 

Though I used acrylic paint, you could really use any kind of paint. 

The third step is tying the packages together with twine. I am a person who uses twine for nearly everything, so of course it's always around. I actually recommend that for life in general anyway. Twine is really helpful.

Anyway, I wrapped some around both packages, though not too tight, and finished it off tied in a bow. This specific type of twine probably isn't exactly twine. It breaks easily, but that's great for something that's going to be torn apart anyway. 

For a tag, I used a piece of paper that was cut off of the end of a package as I was folding and taping. I cut it into a basic tag shape, punched a hole in the top, and tied it to the end of the bow. You could easily stick it in the twine before you tie the bow, but it doesn't really matter. Any way works.

And that's it! This kind of gift wrap could be used for literally any occasion, but I think the added paint and nearly white twine gave the packages a sweet, Summer-appropriate look. Like I said, I'm basically patting myself on the back here. Sorry y'all.

Would you try this out?


  1. I always forget getting wrapping paper, so you're not the only one! Your idea is really cool and it's always better to give something personalized. The outcome was cute and colorful and I might have to try it as well when I'll run into a similar situation. Thanks for the inspo. Hope you are having a great day! xx


    1. Thanks Andreea, I'm glad you think so! I hope you're having a great day as well!

  2. I would 100% prefer a gift wrapped in this than store bought wrapping paper. I love how it looks and it would mean so much knowing that you made it with your own hands. Very thoughtful of you!

    1. I'm honestly of that opinion as well. Something personalized in any way is pretty sweet. I'm glad you think so Alyse!

  3. 'Splattered' (for want of a better word!) artwork is one of my all-time, absolutely favourite styles; it can be so expressive and creative. Your colour choices are spot on, and the outcome is beautiful Amber!

  4. This looks so lovely! I'm definitely gonna try this out :) thanks for sharing!

    Ellen x | thatsellen


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