How I Spent Last Night

I've had insomnia issues for years. I mean, since I was ten, at least. It's been hitting me pretty hard lately, so last night I decided to take it easy, take some photos (not the best quality), and basically walk you through a night with me (and my dogs). Let's begin...

10:21 PM: I couldn't sleep at all last night, and I ended up sleeping the entire afternoon away. I'm up right now, watching bad YouTube and HGTV, and I can hear one dog getting up to mischief in my room. The other is laying next to me. I think I'm hungry?

I just went to check on Romeo, and he was having trouble jumping off the bed. He's so old, poor baby. I grabbed my planners, because I might as well get some work done. Laundry too, I just remembered.

12:26 AM: I just heard a weird noise, and Belle has been whining and growling at the front door. That's cool. I'm not a little freaked out at all. I did eat frozen pizza though. Those things aren't related.

1:43 AM: I'm a little sleepy but not sleepy enough to actually fall asleep, but I'm watching The Haunted Mansion, so everything's okay. Romeo stole my blanket though, and I don't have the heart to pull it from under him.

4:18 AM: The last few hours just flew by. Wow. I'm feeling pretty woozy right now. I still haven't gotten any sleep. I'm currently making coffee, and then I'm getting back to work on blog things and wrapping my niece's birthday gifts for this weekend. I'm going to take photos with the sunrise. I got my blanket back from Romeo, but Belle has half of it now.

Update - 3:51 PM: I fell asleep before I could post this earlier this morning. That's happened a few times lately. It's normal. The usual.

This is what an average night with me is honestly like. I had fun writing this post anyway. Maybe I'll do it more often...


  1. It seems like your days and nights are completely reversed! Do you drink coffee at night because you figure you won't sleep anyways? I like the aesthetic to these photos. You can tell an Amber Baker photo from a mile away!

    1. They are! I drink coffee at all hours of the day lol. I have tested to see if it does affect my sleeping habits, but it honestly doesn't. Thank you Alyse, that's such a huge compliment!


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