Honest Blogging: It's Not as Lucrative as You Think

This is a touchy subject, both to read and write about. We're not supposed to talk about money or frustrating things. I've debated about writing this for a year or so, but it's extremely relevant to my own life right now. The timing is just right. Also, this is not a pity party. Let's not even start with that mess.

To be blunt, blogging is not the uber-fancy, lucrative gig is can sometimes appear to be. It's just not. I'm so tired or hearing and reading quips about blogging being such an easy way to make money, lazy-way-out type of thing. It honestly makes me want to pull my own hair out.

I started blogging when I was seventeen. I started this blog when I was eighteen. My intention was never to "get rich" or anything like that. My original intention with this blog was to put myself out into the world, in order to possibly get myself into other jobs. The blog was my portfolio. It still is. Honestly, my intention is pretty much the same. However, the industry has changed, and everyone knows you can make blogging your primary job now. In a way, I have as well.

There's a theory that blogging is always a full time, full paying job, which is a reasonable assumption. Many people, myself included, spend as much time on their content as one would spend on a full time job. The misconception is that if you work at it long enough, the money is bound to roll in. I've been blogging for four years now, and I haven't been paid for a single blog post at all this year. I'll admit to being able to make money from this space last year, and a little bit the year before, but the "luck" didn't stick.

For the last month or so, I've been searching for a second job, which is a whole other God-awful topic. My heart is still here, this space is still my number one, but I'm a bit tired of living with my parents, and I'm a bit more tired of not even being able to afford shampoo some months. I gave myself until the end of the year to see how the blog thing would go, and this is my result. I'm so fed up with waiting, I've started the job search four months early.

I just want the word out. Be aware. I want you to know that you can't just expect to make a living from a blog. That's not realistic. If you're going to blog, you've got to do it for love, and only for love.

Luckily, I adore doing this, and being involved in this community, and I'm not going anywhere.


  1. I agree completely!! Blogging is such a fantastic space that allows us to explore ourselves and explore our ideas. I always remind myself that its supposed to be fun, because if it isn't then you just won't enjoy yourself and whats life without enjoyment.


    North + South + Navy

  2. I always admire your honesty Amber, it's what makes your blog such an interesting read! I hope that regardless of your current/future career route, that you'll continue blogging here :)


    1. Thank you Gabrielle, and I definitely will!

  3. You're always such a honest one, Amber! Love that about you. However, I feel your pain and frustration. Getting a second job can be time consuming and wanting to move out it's normal. Good luck with everything, hope you will find the job you want. Wishing you a great week! xx


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