Photo Every Hour - August 20, 2017

10:00 AM
I had a late night, and late start this morning. I got up long enough to open the blinds. This was my view.

11:00 AM
Look at this model!

12:00 PM

1:00 PM
I had terrible cramps for a little while, and I was left staring at all the clean laundry I needed to fold from Saturday.

2:00 PM
I'm planning on changing my hair up again. I was on the hunt for old photos on my hard drive, and wound up spending an hour or so looking at old photos of my dogs. Honestly, time well spent.

3:00 PM
This sweater still wasn't dry from Saturday's wash. Dumb.

4:00 PM
I was watching a film with my parents while working from the dining room table. Sunday work space at its best.

5:00 PM
Walked outside with the dogs for a hot (literally) minute. I miss the hammock. Hopefully we'll be reunited with cooler weather soon. I'm dreaming of a nap on this thing with a sweater and blanket and thick knit socks. I can't wait.

6:00 PM
This was kind of a transition hour. I was gathering things and pouring shampoo into a little glass bottle.

7:00 PM
The best cuddles.

This is easily becoming my favorite kind of post to create all over again. Yesterday was genuinely a lovely Sunday. I spent some time with my parents, watched a couple films, looked through old photos, and of course, caught of with blog things. That's what Sundays are for though. Work a little, enjoy a lot.

How was your Sunday?


  1. I love these sorts of posts and it sounds like you had a really cozy Sunday! Love "work a little, enjoy a lot". Hahah definitely my new motto for Sundays! Xx

    1. Thank you Mia! I suppose it is a good Sunday motto!

  2. OMG how I miss having a hammock! Used to have one at the country side, but not sure what happened to it. It feels so relaxing to just sit in it and watch the clouds. Wishing you a great week! xx


    1. Aw, well I hope you have access to another one sometime soon. Thank you Andreea!

  3. Happy to hear you had a lovely, relaxing Sunday! Cuddles with your dog sounds super cute, and oh my gosh those pancakes look delicious, you lucky thing...

  4. Your photos are really interesting. Also, lovely pooch!

    Jessica |

  5. Those pancakes! My Sunday was eventful -- wish I hadn't been sick. Your hammock looks so comfortable!

    1. That's awful! I hope you're feeling better now Alyse!

  6. This photo every hour post has seriously inspired me to create one like this! What a beautiful way to tell a story about your life <3

    1. Thank you! I hope you do create one like this!


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