DIY Embroidery Thread Earrings

I'm sure we've all seen these earrings by now. I adore them. They're perfect statement pieces to break up a monochromatic look, and I've been wanting to buy every single pair I've seen. However, I haven't actually bought a single pair. I have a surplus of embroidery thread that I've somehow collected over the years and a couple pairs of hoop earrings - that's really all you need! I took a few extra steps to make them look nicer, so if you're curious, keep scrolling.

I used: embroidery thread, hoop earrings, a flat iron, a pair of scissors, and a comb (not pictured, because I didn't think about them until I needed them).

The most important part of this process is explained in the top three photos. I cut out an equal number of even lengths of embroidery thread. You can add as much or as little thread to your earrings as you'd like. Once all of the thread was cut, I folded them all in half around the bottom of the hoops. To finish them off, I took a single piece of thread and tied it around where the thread and earring meet. That's kind of hard to explain. You can see what I mean in the photos. 

I tied the single thread in a few knots to make sure it was sturdy (and trimmed the excess off), but you can't really see the knots at all. It's no problem.

To make the earrings look extra nice, I combed them out (gently, or the threads will pull out), flat-ironed them, and trimmed the ends to even them out.

I love the end result. I made mine particularly long because I wanted to, so they're actually longer than my hair, because I wanted them to be. I went with this mustard yellow color because I'm obsessed with it as Autumn gets closer. I already have a much bigger pair planned, with a larger hoop size and a lot more thread. Why not? 

Would you make or buy earrings like this?


  1. My ears aren't pierced actually, but I do still love earrings hahaha! And these are lovely. Such a chic DIY project and easy to do as well. Hope you're having a lovely week Amber! Xx

    1. Are clip on hoops a thing? Thank you Mia!


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