Photo Every Hour - September 22, 2017

Alternatively titled "Celebrating the Autumn Equinox," because that is what I did all day. Of course, I was a little more than excited, and I just had to document the occasion...

7:00 AM

Straight into the kitchen from bed. I decided to try to make apple cider from scratch. Apple cider is worth being in the kitchen that early.

8:00 AM

The first day of Autumn calls for the laciest burgundy dress ever.

9:00 AM

Watching a bit of That 70's Show while I work. This is no different than any other day if I'm honest.

10:00 AM

Setting things up and taking photos. Again, pretty normal, but it's all Autumnal, so it's better.

11:00 AM

The trees are doing nice things!

12:00 PM

The newest addition.

1:00 PM

My real talent is taking hilarious photos of my dogs. She looks drunk, and I cackled. 

2:00 PM

Cider update. This looked so cute and photogenic when I started it, but it didn't stay that way. I'll be sure to make it near a better light source for photos next time.

3:00 PM

Setting the vibe with fairy lights!

4:00 PM

Making pumpkin bread for the evening...

5:00 PM

Time to decorate the entire house. Finally.

6:00 PM

The cider was a success! I'll be making it as much as I can, probably.

7:00 PM

This was the point in the evening that pretty much consisted of a lot of food and board games. Wild. But lovely.

8:00 PM

The bread was saved for last. Here it is in all its leafy glory. Not the greatest photo, but you get it.

The end!


  1. Love this series Amber! And though the bread and the cider looks and sounds lovely, I'd love to see more of that dress!! The burgundy with lace looks like a genius combo! Xx

    1. Thanks Mia! I'm pretty sure I posted a full look with it last year. Okay yeah, I've just checked, and it's here:

      I was so much better at outfit posts then!

  2. Wow so lovely! All of them with such great Autumnal vibes :D some would look amazing framed!

  3. I love when you do these posts! Please share how to make homemade apple cider. I'm so curious!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I used this post as a basic outline:

      It's very helpful!


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