Surya Brasil Exotic Animals Nail Polish Review

It's time for Fall, which means it's time for everyone's favorite Autumnal nail polish shades. My own collection desperately needed a pick-me-up this year. Enter Surya Brasil, my genuine new favorite nail polish brand. 

The Exotic Animals polishes are from Surya Brasil, a Brazilian company specializing in natural, organic, and vegan cosmetics. Naturally that alone is reason enough to try a brand out. This collection features 16 polishes ($12 each), with enough variety to suit everyone and anyone.

I was sent three shades from the Exotic Animals collection, and I tested and documented every single one. I wanted to be as thorough as I possibly could in my review. 

The first shade I tested was this reptilian, metallic green shade called Chamelion. I applied two coats, and they dried very quickly. That alone is a huge deal. I have odd nails, and polish usually takes hours to dry. I painted these in the evening, and I didn't have to worry about leaving marks on them at all that night.

I didn't use a top or base coat, though the brand does offer their own, and the polishes stayed on for around four or five days without chipping. Again, a huge deal. I use my hands a lot, and I don't have time for polishes that chip within a few hours. Also, the polish sat thinly on the nails, which was really cool. I hate when nail polish is too thick.

I loved this shade, and it's almost a spooky color that will be perfect for wearing around Halloween. Obviously, it looks great no matter the occasion. It's fun, and the shine really sticks out.

The second shade was this very vampy, perfect pop of red called Ecletus Parrot (though I think it's called Red-and-Green Macaw on the website). Again, I applied two coats, and again, it dried very quickly and lasted days without chipping. I actually painted these within an hour or so of going to bed, and there were no sheet marks when I woke up. The consistency was slightly thicker than Chamelion, but still very comfortable. I had no complaints. It's a good, staple red shade to have in any collection.

I intentionally saved the best for last. I was the most excited to try the shade called Wolf. It's marketed as a brown shade, which it is, but I personally think it's got a deep, burnt orange look. I'd already decided to find a shade like this for the upcoming Fall season, and this specific polish did not disappoint.

I used two coats, just like I did with the previous shades. The consistency was exactly like Ecletus Parrot. It dried just as quickly, and lasted just as long. I'm actually still wearing it as I type this.

I literally have no complaints about this nail polish. I'm not exaggerating. I haven't been paid to say this. I have zero complaints. The colors are fun, the polish is good quality, and it's vegan. Surya Brasil has a new fan. I'll definitely continue to use this product after this post. I'm so in love y'all.


  1. Gosh, love these shades! They look so lovely. The first and second shade will be fierce for Christmas too and I adore the third look. So good that they're vegan too! Xx

  2. Oh, these nail polishes really do completely embody the Autumn season - which should be straight up your street, right Amber?! ;) Chameleon is definitely my favourite, metallic green looks fab on your nails.

    1. Ha! Well, you know me Gabrielle. Thanks! Chameleon is a great shade.


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