Two Perfect Monochromatic Looks with Sympli

Sympli is a Canadian brand with one, singular purpose - to be that confidence-boosting piece that every woman relies on. "Sympli uses only premium quality, buttery soft, durable jerseys that last forever, are machine washable, and wrinkle-free." The fabric is meant to look great on everyone, and the cuts are tailored to each size, eliminating awkward ratios that don't always lead to great looking pieces.

"Layering is a cornerstone of the Sympli aesthetic." Their pieces are chic basics that can be worn a multitude of ways. 

I was sent two different looks to try out. Though I wore the pieces this way, they could be mixed and matched a million different ways. There are seriously so many options with the five pieces I received; it's almost overwhelming. 

Look One

This look consists of a gray top and black wide leg trousers. The trousers have a nice split at the calf, and a comfortable high waist. I was so excited to try this look out, because I've never really given the wide leg look a shot. I'm a short girl, with a tum, and I've been unsure of how that would look with trousers.

I was pleasantly surprised. The fabric is flattering, and the waist is form fitting without feeling tight and constricting. I think the split at the bottom helps break the trousers up, and helps keep them from looking too much like pajama pants, since the fabric is more flowy than stiff. Like I said, I'm a very short woman, so I'll personally continue to chose a shoe with a heel when I wear these trousers, but that's just my own styling choice.

The top is a perfect go-to top. I think it would also look great with a midi skirt or a pair of jeans. It tucks into bottoms nicely, but still looks great on its own. It's a timeless cut that will look chic for years to come, and it will be worn for years to come. There isn't really any way this top could go wrong.

Look Two

This look is my favorite of the two looks. This outfit consists of a tunic top, a mini skirt, and a pair of leggings, all black. This was kind of a throwback look for me. I used to live in a similar mini skirt, and I've been unable to find a replica that I could be just as fond of - until now.

I recommend this tunic to everyone. I mean, I recommend the entire look to everyone, but if you were to only buy one piece from the three, you should go with the tunic. It's fitted at the top, and flares out under the bust. The flare isn't dramatic or anything, but it's there, and it's perfect for enhancing curves in the best way. This will be fantastic with anything, and because I'm so short, I could even wear it without the skirt. 

The skirt is a basic mini skirt, but honestly the best mini skirt I've ever worn. The waist is high, but the skirt is not too short. Nothing's hanging out, you know? My favorite part is that the skirt doesn't ride up constantly as you walk. I could've used that years ago! This is a mini skirt that can be worn professionally or not, and there's no need to worry about where the skirt is moving while you walk.

The leggings are great, basic leggings. You can't go wrong with a good pair of leggings. They aren't sheer, and they have the sweetest ruching at the ankles. No complaints here!

Altogether, I think this brand has hit the nail on the head. The fabrics are all similar, but cut and crafted in a way to look flattering on all parts of the body. They carry a wide range of sizes, and claim that their pieces will flatter every size. I can attest to my own body type at least. They really were flattering.

I'm impressed, and I think the Sympli pieces I received live up to what the brand claims to stand for. They all look great, and they offer plenty of variety and layering possibilities. I do recommend Sympli.

Though they don't have their own individual retail source, you can find a store near you that stocks Sympli here. A quick Google search will lead to a variety of sources to shop Sympli online.


  1. Oh I love the pants, they look so chic. The split is such a simple but modern detail, which I love. And the second look looks so comfy. The tunic top looks like a great one to style for fall. Hope you're having a lovely week Amber! Xx

    1. I'm so glad you like the pieces Mia, and thank you!!

  2. I agree that the top is a perfect go-to top, it's super pretty. I also adore these photographs, they represent it so well and look really nice (:

    Little Moon Elephant

  3. i wish more brands had that kind of dedication! <3 you look nice sweetie.


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