Creating Distance

I've done it again. Or should I say, I've overcome it again. I lost sight of my love for this space. 

I think I was caught up in too many things, but I feel like my life is a bit more organized now, and I'm super inspired all over again with/by blogging. That's vague, I know. It's just all too easy to become discouraged. I'm also trying to figure out a new direction, style-wise for this space. It's good to be in a constant state of growth, creatively in particular, but it's important to keep going. Stay busy, stay creative, take personal time, but stick with your ideas.

Disenchantment with blogging occurs (personally) every few months, and I honestly wish I knew how to avoid it. Or is it normal? Maybe it's normal. You tell me. Either way, I've distanced myself lately, but I'm in love again, so hi.

Actually, you know what? I think it's just the whole introvert trope. I have moments where I don't want to talk to anyone, and I suppose I have moments where I just don't want to write. Or I just can't. Anyway...

Things I've been up to whilst distanced: 

Listening to Aly & AJ. I was the biggest fan girl at age ten, and suddenly I'm the biggest fan girl at age 22. I love them. Wow. We've all been blessed by their new music. (Take Me, I Know) Honestly, what icons.

Planning Blogmas content. I'm not very far on the planning front, but there is a sweet gift guide coming your way on Friday, so expect that. I haven't shot it yet, but I'm so excited to pull my decorations out of storage. Blogging is a great excuse to do so a few weeks earlier than "acceptable."

Taking copious amounts of photos. I've been experimenting with 120 film, and of course, using my trusty old Cannon T3i on a daily basis. I want my photos to be grand and dramatic, so I'm working on subjects and editing. I'm happy with the results so far.

Christmas shopping. So much shopping. My closet floor is full of boxes. I'm actually almost completely done with my gift shopping. I have no idea what to get my grandparents though, and I've still yet to buy my dogs' gifts. I'm thinking clothes. I'm always thinking clothes. I also keep buying decorations. I should stop that. 

What have you been up to?


  1. Oh I hear you. The love for blogging is changing constantly and honestly speaking I don't know if I love blogging that much. I just like to talk a lot, like a lot, about fashion and have chosen to do so on the internet. Hahah sounds weird, but that's what it is. Anyways, welcome back to the love for blogging! Xx

    1. I get you! Life is just weird sometimes, and thanks Mia!

  2. Glad you feel organized as well! Blogging can be difficult sometimes and I kind of fall into the same phase every now and then, so it's totally normal. Wishing you a great day. xx


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thanks Andreea!


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