Photo Every Hour - October 31, 2017

9 AM
It begins.

10 AM
However, Romeo had other ideas.

11 AM
Catching up on the Halloween films I missed throughout the month. Or I saved the best for last.

12 PM
Time to sit the jack-o-lantern out. I carved it the night before. It was raining at this point in the day.

1 PM
Sorting out the candy into bowls. For my parents though. I didn't actually hand any out.

2 PM

3 PM
It was cold and rainy, so naturally I had all of the windows open. These are re-purposed beer bottles. I have plans for them.

Missing. Whoop!

5 PM
I roasted the pumpkin seeds from the previous night's carving. I honestly wasn't a fan.

6 PM
The lights of my life. Handling them on Halloween is so strange now. Everything used to set them off, but they're old, and their hearing is terrible. I think Belle's is nonexistent. I let them out at this point, and they never even heard the trick-or-treaters that were beginning to fill the neighborhood.

7 PM
Again, mood lighting!

8 PM
The candy was gone and the jack-o-lantern brought in. Halloween was a success. Honestly, mine was the best it's been in years. If you celebrate, I hope yours was too!


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a lovely Halloween Amber, I didn't really celebrate this year except eating pumpkin soup, haha so that counts right?! Xx

  2. Sounds like a great Halloween! Your dogs are so cute, too. My family always hands out candy but it can be such a pain with a dog who is hypersensitive, LOL. Happy Friday Amber!

    Kathryn •

    1. Oh yeah, I get that. Thank you Kathryn!

  3. You did a great job with your pumpkin carving Amber, hope you had a lovely time celebrating - such a cosy time of year!

  4. Oh myyyy, I really want some roasted pumpkin seeds right now! Gave me serious cravings, haha. How were the Halloween movies? Wishing you a great weekend! xx


    1. The movies were fantastic. Thanks Andreea!

  5. Great photos! Happy belated halloween....
    ig @grace_njio


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