Gift Wrap 2017

This has been the year that I've rekindled my love for wrapping everything in butcher paper. You can clearly see the physical evidence here, minus the two packages wrapped in traditional paper, so my niece can rip into them easily. I've also given out Christmas cards for the first year, though not mailed because I never got around to walking to the post office for stamps. On the packages for my dogs and parents, I've tied on little faux branch pieces. I'll take them back after, but they look cute under the tree.

On another note, I'm currently trying to create a New Year playlist, and all I've put on it is Harry Styles and Bridget Bardot, and I don't think that's what I was going for, but it's what I've ended up with.

What are you doing for gift wrap?


  1. love it so much
    New review on my blog <<< Smartphone infographic >>>
    have an happy start of week

  2. Butcher paper is my favorite though! Love the old, vintage and industrial vibe of Christmas! Have a lovely week Amber, hope you'll get a good mix of resting, enjoying the holidays and do Christmassy things! Xx

  3. What a good idea to use butcher paper (and add faux branch pieces - genius!). It has such a simple and classic look to it. This year I went with some shiny printed wrapping paper...mostly because it's what I already had, LOL. Hope your week is going well, Amber!

    Kathryn •

    1. Thanks Kathryn, I'm so glad you think so!

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