Real Nature for Your Faux Tree

I found these clear ornaments in a dollar store a few months ago, and I knew I had to do something with them. My own tree is artificial and very much lacking in literal touches of nature. I spent Sunday morning gathering leaves and twigs from my backyard to fill the ornaments with. It was actually a very nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

I originally filled both ornaments with leaves and twigs, but as I was hanging them on the tree, I saw a dish of dried rose petals on my windowsill, and I immediately switched out the contents of one of the ornaments. They don't match, but they're equally charming.

Is this something you would try?


  1. What a gorgeous idea, absolutely love it!! Want to do something like this for Christmas too, love the idea of embracing nature in that way. Xx

  2. A beautiful idea dear! Love it :)


    1. So glad you think so Erica, thank you!


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