To Hear the Forest Sing

"To Hear the Forest Sing" by Margaret Dulaney is described as a "collection of memoirs," and "the result of... literary exploration of the wisdom of the world('s) religions." December is an appropriate time to think about this, right? 

My own relationship with God is a fickle thing, and not something I usually address over here. When this book was brought to my attention, the religious aspect turned me off immediately, until I read a little further into the descriptive blurbs and realized that this book is not overwhelmingly heavy with traditional religious text. The author herself writes about a variety of religious ideals and seems to stray away from strict traditional beliefs. I can respect that.

I think there are a lot of people who are lost when it comes to religion. We don't fit into a specific box for any number of reasons, but we still crave something to believe in. We still want to be somewhat spiritual people, for many particularly around this time of year. Honestly, if you relate to that as well, I really recommend this book. It's so nice to read through these essays and take time to mull over them, to find common ground within them. How do Dulaney's stories relate to your own?

However, more than religion or spirituality, I (personally) feel that these essays are simply about life. They tell of the webs we weave, and how different paths, even those of complete strangers, intersect. They tell of how these intersections can relate back to the aforementioned topics, but it a way that that makes you think about life more than anything.

Life and beyond are mysterious, and Dulaney's musings on such make for a fascinating read.

You can learn more about Margaret Dulaney at This book was gifted, but my opinions are my own.