Okay, so today's topic was something that I wrote in my planner, so it's not exactly fresh or relevant (to me), but I want to talk about it anyway. Deleting comments. Where do you stand?

Personally, I'm all for people deleting negative comments on their content. I don't understand why others get so ferociously angry about that. Why should anyone have to keep negative and/or hurtful comments on their content, to see and be hurt by over and over again? Nope. Not here for it. Delete your negative comments if they make you feel like shit.

For example, there was a specific YouTuber who had a baby last year and kept the gender a secret for a little while. The gender was "leaked" and people were being awful in her Instagram comments about it. They were even more awful about the fact that the YouTuber in question was deleting the negative comments she was receiving. Why should she keep them? It was like they thought she should be punished for it. Why?

I haven't had a ton of "rude" comments myself, but I always delete them, without even a second thought. I'm not just going to leave them there. I don't need anything else to pile onto my rough moments. 

Just don't be shitty. Easy. Done.

Anyway, the photos above are things in my junk drawer. I tried to delete some of that mess, but I only ended up throwing out some expired coupons. 


  1. I feel the exact same way Amber. Hateful comments hurt in the first place, so why leave them up to torment yourself? YouTubers can attract a lot of cruel comments and so I don't at all blame them for deleting. Have a lovely week! :)


  2. As much as anyone has the right to express their opinion, it's OFC also a right of the owner of the social media account/blog/etc to delete comments that are directly rude and inappropriate. I do leave comments of constructive criticism published and try to answer them as thoughtful as I can, though I might feel hurt by the criticism. But hey, comments that are just about hurting another person don't need more attention!

    Have a lovely week Amber! Xx

    1. Right, yeah, there's a difference there. I think constructive comments usually come from a good place, but not those who just want to be negative and bring others down.

  3. Some people are just low and drop mean comments for no reason! If it's not constructive criticism, then they should definitely get deleted. Wishing you a great day! xx


  4. Yep, it's the prerogative of the person creating content. After all, you wouldn't go to someone's house and leave garbage everywhere, right? So why do it on their online space?


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