Pulling Back

I have to pull back.

I work from home, and maintaining this blog constantly is hardly anything viable. Most of my time these days is put into Polyvore and my photos. I've even been posting those to my Instagram much more than the blog. I'd like to continue to use that platform and dedicate more of my time to it. 

I know you shouldn't focus on the "stats," but mine have plateaued over here. It really doesn't make sense to continue to try to push out four blog posts every week. I've insisted on treating this blog as my full time effort, and I just can't realistically do so anymore. As of today, I'm cutting back to one or two posts per week. One for sure, and two if I feel like it. I'm thinking every Wednesday. How does that sound? I'm still not sure.

I truly love this little blogging community, but I've been feeling more and more like it's time to branch out and move on a bit. So, sincerely, if you want to continue to keep up with my content, follow me on Instagram. (@amberelb) 

On Insta, I've been posting stories daily, and I've been posting a few photos every day. Sharing written content is new to me on that platform, but I'm getting better. Imbolc is upon us, and soon Spring. I'm going to be putting a lot more love into planting and growing a (temporarily portable) garden. All of those updates will be on that platform.

I'll still be sharing OOTD's both here and there, along with whatever else I feel like. I want to experiment with color more. I wonder how that'll go...

I never thought I'd do this blog forever. I'd hoped it would've manifested into another career sooner, but alas, it hasn't. It's time for me to concentrate more on what actually works for me. I hope that's understandable. 


  1. Totally understandable. I feel that I may do the same, but then again I haven't gotten anywhere really on any platform... Makes me think I should just stick to a 8-5 job :/ But, I'm excited to check out your work on your insta!

    1. It's tough. I wish you the best with it, and thank you!

  2. I saw on IG that you thought about posting more over there. My phone is more or less broken and I can't use it properly, not even leave comments, and I hate IG too atm so I try to ignore its existence haha ouch! But anyways, totally understandable that you're cutting back to one post a week, do whatever you feel is nedeed! I'll try to keep up with you on IG as soon as I have my new phone! Xx


    1. No pressure! You totally don't have to bother with IG if it's not your thing. Thanks for your support!

  3. Girl, don't let the stats get to you! I'll still be here reading all your posts. Have a nice day. xx


  4. Totally understand when you need to pull back a bit. I'll still be here reading your posts when they come! I know it can be hard to dedicate time to blogging when it doesn't turn into something more, but I do hope you'll keep posting even just as a creative outlet. Have a lovely weekend, Amber!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com


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