Thawing Out

I've been taking a break from the blog, in case anyone hasn't noticed, and I'd planned on taking the rest of February off, but I've missed this space too much. I wasn't expecting that. I've grown so distant from the blogging world, but I miss it, and I wanted to say hi. So hi.

Just as the plants were beginning to grow again, Winter reared back and hit us all. We had no snow, but an excessive amount of freezing rain instead. All of the trees began to break and fall over from the weight of the ice. I just got home from roaming around the neighborhood and being nosy, and there are trees down everywhere. The ice is melting now, and the falling bits sound like rain themselves.

I'm planning some more posts, and I'm going to make an effort to actually make an effort again. I'll probably stick to posting whatever I feel like. Today it was ice, because I took a hundred photos, and only narrowed them down to forty. I can't post forty shots of ice on Instagram. I mean, I could, but no.

That aside, today is nice. I only slept three hours, and I'll need a lot of caffeine, but I think I'll live. I woke up craving pasta at two in the morning, so I ate pasta and watched this video, which was motivating in itself. I might write a little bit today, and I plan on conditioning my hair really thoroughly. 

What are you up to today?


  1. So happy you're back, been missing your posts! These photos are just gorgeous, love how they capture the transition from winter to spring. Especially love the ones with colorful background, they're magical. Gonna watch that motivational video now, could definitely need it! Xx

    1. Thanks Mia! Hope you enjoyed the video!

  2. The ice looks so sweet with the colored backgrounds! Very cool combination. You are seriously so artistic Amber! Happy Friday, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Kathryn •

  3. I love these photographs, you captured everything so beautifully! Wish it was as cold here in Dubai though; summer is slowly creeping up on us and that means hello sweaty faces and frizzy hair :-D Have a lovely day!

    Naya //

  4. Breathtaking pictures, I love all, love your blog as well, thank you for sharing.


  5. Wow these are so, so beautiful. I didn't realise/think that this was also a process with snow. I always think of fluffy white stuff that sometimes is heavy enough to break through roofs. I never once thought about how it affects nature. The sound of it thawing must be so wonderful. I love the sound of rain so my romanticised views on snow just got more rosy.


  6. Happy to see you back blogging (even if it's just a quick hello!), the photography in this post is stunning. Each image looks so dramatic! x


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