Channeling Happiness Through Superficial Elements

Something I find very annoying about myself is just how often I use "superficial" details to determine how well I'm doing. I find my reality very depressing and dull, so I tend to focus on what I'm wearing, what I want to wear, things I own, etc. This habit is not beneficial in the long run whatsoever.

I wrote an entire post last week, that I've since scrapped, about how I wish I was a super cool fashion blogger. My love for style is relevant, and something I think I display well over on Polyvore, but not here. I'm defensive about how I feel haven't been able to translate this on the blog, but why? I want to focus more on my work and all of the things I do on the internet, ie photography and styling and writing, but do those things just come back around to the initial issue? (Maybe not?)

I think it's good to never be completely satisfied, but I think I've let that feeling bring me down instead of letting it inspire me to keep going. (I might be going off topic...)

I rarely stop to think about what I do have. I always go on about "Oh my life would be better if I had (blank) or if I looked like (blank)." I need to change that. I don't think this is step three (a reference from this post), but it's a general thing to work on.

On a brighter note, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I've spent the last four days taking photos reading and researching for various writing projects, and of course, writing said projects. I don't even know how to address those, but they exist, and I'm very much enjoying the process. I'm trying to keep my mind on all of these tasks, because they're what's keeping me going right now. There are other things going on that I'll write about later. There's been enough packed into this post.

I hope you're all well.


  1. I've seen your Polyvore several times Amber and the styling game is always so so good! You have an eye for mixing elements and doing so in a timeless yet trendy style. I wish you would display more of that side of you irl and here too. I'm glad to hear that you have been feeling better and I look forward to more posts!! Xx


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