I feel so weird about blogging anymore. Since I initially stepped away, I haven't felt like I even know what's going on anymore. Hello? Are you still there?

Personally, I've been trying to find work through various platforms. It's hard to come by. I've updated my print shop, and I've been taking hundreds of photos every week, which isn't actually a new thing at all. It's just something I've maintained. 

It's been raining for the last couple of days, and I just want to sleep all the time. I've been planting and caring for flowers again, because Spring is most definitely here. I've been working on writing a few other things that I'm going to be very vague about. All in all, everything is pretty much the same over here. 

I tried to put together a post about getting dressed every day for a week in an effort to make myself wear something other than pajamas. That lasted for four days. I'm in pajamas as I write this. These photos are what I could look like...


  1. Well hello, that print mix in your dress is so cute!! Hope the sun will come back soon so you can spend more time outdoors. Have a lovely weekend Amber! Xx


  2. Hello again! I'm still here, though I rarely sign in these days too. Life, you know. Don't feel bad (it's funny because I actually wrote about something similar to this last week!), being a creative takes a toll on you emotionally so feeling tired (especially when the weather also factors) is normal. If you need to take time, take it, we'll all be here waiting when you get back. I hate how we feel stupid guilt over this, I know I do. People who work 9-5 get vacation days and sick leave so why can't we. Not to mention most do this and juggle a 9-5 too (I also do part time, and still struggle, no idea how those kids manage that)



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