Help Yourself

I'm trying to help myself. I have all of these goals and, for the sake of this post, aesthetics I wish I lived by, but I have let my mental health dominate every aspect of my life, which is not helpful, obviously.

Step one was to stick to a "normal" sleep routine. I never leave my house, so it's only too easy to sleep whenever and be awake whenever. Yet in the last month or so, it got so bad that I felt like I was completely out of control. Seeing a couple hours of daylight every 24 hours made me feel like I was losing it. I don't even remember how, because I was seriously so out of it, but I've managed to tackle that hurdle. Just operating during "normal" hours every day gave me the motivation to get to work again, including on this blog.

I think step two is to start getting dressed every day. I've spent most of the last four years in pajamas. Though they're comfortable, I spend too much time thinking about wearing my day clothes, and feeling frumpy and gross because I don't. This doesn't even make sense as I type. I just want to wear proper clothes again, and I need to learn how to be comfortable doing so just around my house.

I'll update later I guess. There is no step three yet. I'll tackle two first.


  1. I think both of these steps sounds really good! Some people think it's ridiculous with dressing good and wearing the clothes/outfits you want but I do think it really comes down to "dressing good and feeling good". Colors and prints can have an energizing effect too, so even when you don't feel like putting on a fashionable outfit, perhaps the feeling of empowerment will come after you've done it? Like an energizing red or a nice floral print? Perhaps you can do a 7 day outfit challenge and put it up here to get the motivation going? Would love to see that, you're styling game is so good!

    Anyways, enough with the rambling haha. Have a lovely weekend Amber!! Xx

  2. Great start here already! I think that you'll tackle them in no time. Stay motivated my dear! By the way - love your outfit! xx

    Naya //

  3. These are such attainable, useful, and practical's really nice that you posted this. Things like this are so difficult to remember when you are dealing with mental health issues. Getting out of your PJs is KEY. Even if you just put on different PJs, or "house clothes" or sweats. Don't spend the day in the clothes you slept in. Also, one simple thing is to put on a bra and "makeup" ... even if it's just chapstick, sunscreen, primer, or moisturizer. This really helps. Also, a physical practice of some sort makes a huge difference, even if it's just dancing around your room for 20 minutes, going on a walk, or doing some gentle yoga. But it has to be a practice, like, you do it, everyday, no excuses ;P I hope you're doing better. XOXO


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