I'm down this week. I had to scold my dogs for being naughty yesterday, and I cried. I've put off doing everything because getting out of bed was enough work, and now I get to spend my Friday cleaning and doing laundry. I haven't written all week. I'm just itching to do so though, and to do as many creative things as I possibly can, but I won't be able to. I'm very much stressed out about the weekend for no reason other than it won't be socially acceptable to hide in my bedroom, and that's the only other thing I feel like doing. 

It's fine. Everything's fine. It's not, but it is.

** So I wrote the above paragraph, had an idea a few minutes later, and ran outside to take some photos. It's a process y'all. I genuinely get an endorphin rush when I take photos. So everything really is okay. 

I took a ton of photos earlier this week, but I've yet to finish editing them, so here are some Polyvore sets I've done recently that I'm particularly fond of.


  1. All of these items are so good! I love the blazer dress and the white skirt, perfect examples of how clothing pieces can be classic but with a good twist. Hope you'll manage the weekend love! Xx

  2. Love these looks! Thanks for the outfit inspo. :-)
    April xx


  3. Oooh loving all the ripped denim and that pleated skirt too. Gorgeous edit. I'm always scolding my baby these days. It's allergy season and her skin is itchy so she' always attacking it, hence the need to yell, constantly. I don't feel bad though. Should I feel bad? :o(



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