Moss? Lichens? Both?

Spring has been here for a minute, and it's brought the rain, which in turn has brought the moss and lichens. I'm in love. It's a nonsensical obsession, but they make me think of forests and whimsical things, and having that kind of inspiration right outside doesn't hurt when you're getting back into the creative process.

My Sunday was entirely set aside for the Oscars. I have to confess that I haven't seen any of the films that were nominated, but I've been dying to see most of them, to the point of forging emotional connections based on things I've seen on Twitter. I love film, but I'm a girl on a budget, and I feel too guilty to use sketchy websites anymore, you know?

Monday was somehow entirely spent organizing items on Polyvore. I genuinely don't know how I spent an entire day doing this. I think this was the last bit of organization/Spring cleaning I needed to do to completely clear my mind for all of the creative projects I want to do this year. I've had a few writing ideas that I've messily jotted down, but I haven't written anything on a large scale in ages, and I'm still a little overwhelmed. For now, my focus is on writing down every idea I have in my notebook. Of course I'll sort out all of my messes and then immediately start on a new one. Figures.

I've been keeping up with Fashion Month on Polyvore (see here if you'd like), and my love and appreciation for Paris Fashion Week has definitely been sparked once again. Bless Paris.

Hope you've all been well!


  1. I haven't seen a single Oscars movie either but I'm gonna see Call Me By Your Name next week! I feel like I have some spring cleaning left to do, but just fun things like organizing photos on my computer and phone or just random notes! Hope you're having a lovely week Amber! Xx

  2. I love the moss photos, Amber! I really like taking pictures of moss, mushrooms, and lichens too. What a contrast to the Oscars frenzy...I have to say I didn't watch them this year, I saw one or two of the films nominated and enjoyed them, but just didn't feel very inspired by the awards or the red carpet. Maybe it's just me! Hope you enjoyed xo E


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