Society Socks

I've become a bit of a sock fiend. This doesn't entirely make sense, because I'm also barefoot any chance I get, but I love fun socks. Particularly fun crew cut socks. I want them to peak under jeans and trousers and above boots, I'm always looking for pairs that stand out a bit. They're also one of the few ways I incorporate pops of color into my wardrobe. I am a fan of black, that is no secret.

I recently had an opportunity to try out Society Socks, and I'm totally sold. They're a monthly subscription service that offers two pairs of unique socks with an equal two pairs donated to those in need. That's the really special part. For every pair of Society Socks purchased, they donate a pair to charity. 

Their website says "Socks are the least donated, but most needed clothing item. Since homeless shelters only accept new socks, it’s much more difficult to donate them compared to other used clothing items. Society Socks will help change this." Sounds good, right? 

They're sold in "Men's" sizes, but let's be real - socks aren't gendered. They might be a little large, but honestly, I'm wearing a pair as I type this, and they fit my small feet just fine. They're for everyone, but if you're still unsure, their website states that their "Women's" subscription is coming soon.

You can find out more for yourself here, or at This is not a paid post.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information; indeed, I think socks are the last thing that comes to mind when we think about homeless people or those in need. Great cause and I love yours! xx

    Naya //

  2. I've never thought about how socks would be the least donated, especially when they're the most needed. I guess most people end up donating sweaters and coats mostly.

    Wandering Everywhere

  3. Ooh, nothing wrong with becoming a sock fiend, haha - they'll always come in handy! Thanks for this introduction to the brand - looks lovely! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Giveaway: £200 Voucher Fenn Wright Manson! (designer womenswear) x

  4. I love unique design for socks, it's a great statement! And love that they donate two pairs too, that's just the best. Have a lovely week Amber! Xx

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