This space looks a little different now! This website has been primarily a blog for the last five years, and though I've loved it, I think it's time for it to grow up a little bit. This website will now serve as a landing page for where to find me, a portfolio for my photos, and yes, still a space to blog. I want to write more about what I'm actually creatively working on. I've focused on my mental health too much this year, and though I think it's important to be open about the subject, I want to write about other things as well.

So, what have I been working on? 

I had about 150 photos to edit, after slimming down from a whopping 650. I didn't empty my SD card for a week or so, and I regret it. As I type this, I'm about mid-way through the edit, and I've already posted a few of the photos on Instagram. I've got a notebook next to me full of photo ideas. Many require supplies, so they won't be checked off in the immediate future, but I'm working with what I've got, you know? 

I've been wanting to photograph an actual person for awhile, but I don't really know any people, and I'm kind of stranded in the middle of nowhere. I loathe being in front of the camera, so I'm trying to work out a way to be in the photos without really being in the photos. There's a lot of photo planning going on, basically. 

I feel guilty on the writing front, because all I've done in the last week is jot down ideas and notes. I wrote a paragraph at some point. The end. I should note though that I've spent the last week dealing with pretty severe allergies and some poison oak rashes. I didn't do much of anything until the weekend, and now I want to do all the things, so I will.

I hope you're all well.