Why I Will NEVER Shop This Site

I have been a Polyvore user for nine years. Nine years. In the last five, I have grown my account, created connections, laid out the foundation for a career, and created a job out of a website where you style outfits. Yesterday, the retailer "SSTYLE" announced that they had bought Polyvore, and they had shut it down for good.

Five years of work, over 200,000 followers, the major retailers that followed my work, the connections with other members - all gone. All gone in an instant. No longer will I be able to connect with these retailers and work with them. No longer do I have a foundation for anything within the fashion industry. No longer do I have any kind of income.

The new "owner" has been completely unapologetic, and they clearly don't understand the true depth of what they've destroyed. I am not the only one who worked through Polyvore. I am not the only one who had big dreams that were being achieved through that website. All of it's gone, and millions are crushed, and this company does not care.

The new "owner" is a designer retailer with a very specific curation. I had to specifically opt out of giving them my information, which they would've owned nine days from now. This was a cowardly move. They gave the Polyvore community no warning. I created and published sets all morning, only to find out that it was all for naught. This company wanted the accounts and the information of millions, without any concern for the lives and careers they were so negatively affecting. 

This company is greedy and cowardly, and I can guarantee that I will NEVER shop with them. I will never give them my money. I will adamantly discourage anyone from buying from them. 

Corporate greed won yesterday. I am burned, but I will learn from this, and I will keep going. The "career" I built up through Polyvore is gone, and I am essentially unemployed. From today, I will continue to look for work, and I will continue to take photos, and I will continue to write, and I will hope with all of my heart that something good comes from this.