Fruiting on a Budget

I've been getting in my fruit on a budget these days.

These days.

Like my entire adult life hasn't been on a budget.

Did you know that some dollar stores sell frozen fruit? This changed my life. I can stock up on bags of frozen fruit for about fifteen dollars and actually have a healthier diet? Really?

Does it taste the best? It's hit or miss. I'm still having fruit for lunch though. Bless dollar stores.

There honestly wasn't any other point of this post. I took these photos and needed an excuse to post them. Oh! How great were some of the Met Gala looks Monday night?! I'm just glad more people stuck to the theme. I'll post a few of my favorites below. There's your content.

Who were your favorites?


  1. I'm such a fan of both frozen fruit and veg, so much cheaper but still as tasty!
    Amy xx


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