I Broke My Instagram Theme

I've never been the best at Instagram. By that I mean I've never been great at attracting followers. I just don't know how to do it. However, I love the app anyway, and I'm always looking for some way to get the ball rolling over there.

So I decided to experiment.

I was going through a little thing where I was really into flower photos. I was taking them on a daily basis, but I guess I was just really excited about Spring. I followed over three hundred accounts, all based around "witchy" things and plants and forests, and actually gained another seventy or so followers. That was huge! But here's the thing: I got so bored. SO BORED.

Look, I love nature photos as much as the next person, but after taking and looking at predominately nature based photos for a month, I thought I was going to scream. The little community I'd tried to butt into was nice. They all seemed really supportive of each other, if not a little exclusive, but that's any friend group, you know?

(The theme)

Anyway, after posting too many photos of flowers, I had a midnight meltdown, and decided to go ahead and revert to posting whatever the hell I wanted. Immediately it was nothing in particular, with the app "Huji," which I am a big fan of. It's fun. It's a film filter. I don't even know if that's "cool" anymore, but I'd been looking at old film photos from my childhood and beyond, and I wanted in on the aesthetic. I'd also already been dabbling in neon lighting and stark contrasts, and I didn't feel like it fit that nature "theme" anymore, and that also made me crazy.

The results came in within the hour. I lost a couple of followers. It was to be expected. I'd also gone on an unfollowing spree, because as lovely as those three hundred accounts were, that vibe alone wasn't what I was after (though I do still follow a few).

Over the following few days, I ended up losing somewhere between twenty to thirty followers, but here's the kicker - I've gained just as many since. There is practically no difference. My engagement is the same, and I'm having more fun with what I post.

(Sans theme)

So, why have Instagram themes become so important? Is it the pleasing flow? Is it to develop a niche? I find myself falling into themes all the time, unintentionally at first, and sticking to them until I want to pull my hair out because I'd take photos that I loved, though they didn't fit.

I think I'm just over it now though. Breaking my Instagram theme was so much more freeing than I was expecting. I'm currently figuring out how to balance "film" photos and DSLR "professional" photos, but I'm sure that will come with time. It's all good.

TLDR: no more Instagram themes, I'm begging you. I can't take it anymore.


  1. I like the new theme! So pretty with more colors and more justified to really post what you want rather than adjust after the theme! Xx


  2. I have to say, I don't know which theme I like better. In both, however, your style of photography still shines through so it's really just the colours that are changing in my opinion. I guess the addition of colour is nice with the warmer weather and summer nearby!


  3. I really liked your Instagram then and I really like really like it now. You should just post whatever makes you happy!



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