The Monday Edit

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These edits have been very indicative of my moods going into each week.

When I was in high school, I was once told I dressed like a business woman. At the time, I always wore a black, mini, bodycon skirt (remember when everyone only wore those?), a top with a cardigan, tights, and loafers. 

I'm not sure the girls who told me this really understood that a miniskirt is not considered professional attire, but I took the intended compliment anyway. I think I've implemented the "dress for the life you want, not the life you have" method from high school on. Though I'll have that life eventually, and then I'll dress for the life I both want and have... not the point.

My point is, I dare someone to walk into an office building with a skirt slit that high. Or just become the boss, and wear whatever the hell you want.