How I've Cleared My Skin

Last Summer I wrote about a conversation I had with my mother and her mother about skincare. I then posted a followup a month later.

At the time of the followup, I mentioned that the experiment was going well, but I wasn't sure how it would hold up after Summer. As it's Summer again now, I can confirm that ditching cleansers and toners has been the best method for my skin.

My face has pretty much completely cleared up. I get a few spots during PMS, but they're quick to go away, and it's never a big deal. A lot of my old acne marks have faded as well.

Do you know how wonderful it is to not really have a skincare routine?

It's really, really wonderful.

All I do is wash my face with a washcloth and warm water, rinse, and moisturize with pure, simple jojoba oil. No extra purchases. No ingredients that I can't pronounce or identify. All natural goodness.

Is this routine for everyone? No, probably not.

Should you give it a shot? Yes.

*This photo is completely unedited.