About Me

Hello! My name is Amber, and I'm based in Texas.

I'm a photographer, blogger, and aspiring writer. This site is intended to show my skills, thoughts, and anything else I might be up to. I've been consistently on this journey for five years now, and I hope to continue for many more.

The blog section of this site underwent a bit of Spring cleaning in 2018, and some older posts have been removed to keep this space up-to-date and relevant. You'll find all of the blog posts under the section titled "blog" at the top of the page.

When I'm not posting here, I can be found posting an excessive amount of photos on Instagram. All of my social media is linked in the sidebar of this website.

I've got a few different writing projects in the works, so I hope you'll stick around. You just might find something interesting!

For any business/collaboration opportunities or any questions, I can be contacted at aamberr94@gmail.com.

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